Treatment of my terracotta tiles


When tiles are directly laid on a wet screed (traditional laying), they need to dry for around 3 months to allow all the moisture from the screed to rise to the surface. Sealing too early would cause moisture to be retained in the tiles and allow cement rings to appear. To be sure your floor is completely dry, put a plastic sheet down with the weight of a book on it in several places on the floor for 24 hours. If the tiles are completely dry, no remaining moisture will be visible on the plastic sheet.

After laying with adhesive, wait for 21 days before sealing.

During the drying period, you can use your floor normally but avoid staining it. Stains can, however, be easily removed (contact us for any difficult stains). For everyday cleaning, we recommend you use only clean water. The tiles must be absolutely clean and dry to use the products below. The advised quantities depend on the porosity of the tiles.

    • PROCIM : Scrub the floor in small areas. Spray the product undiluted, leave it for a few minutes (scrub if necessary) then rinse thoroughly changing the water regularly. You need to repeat the process if cement rings appear within a few days. This is why it is important to wait at least 3 months after laying on screed and 21 days if laying using adhesive.
    • FLUHYDOL : is a colourless, matt, damp and oil-proofing product. It must be sprayed on the tiles to get them soaking wet. To be saturated, the tiles need two sprayings 15 hours apart.
    • CAILLEAUTRIX and ARIANE (satin finish) : are waterproofing, glossy waxes. Apply a thin and equal coat of these waxes on your tiles with a cloth. Only one coat is needed when applied after a damp-proofing product.

    THOROUGH CLEANING   (Turn off any underfloor heating)

    • Make up a 30% solution of the terracotta cleaner with very hot water, put it on the floor and keep it wet for at least 20 minutes. Repeat if necessary. Rinse well and change the water regularly.

We accept no responsibility for the advice given above.

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