Authentic, hand-made terracotta tile production

L'histoire de l'atelier de terres cuites yvon cailleauThe small, traditional and family-run business of Yvon Cailleau Terracotta tiles is located in the heart of Anjou, in the village of Les Rairies. A place with a long tradition of terracotta tile production.

It is the tremendous richness of the local soil, which has made this small village the landmark ‘par excellence’ of terracotta producers.

Among them, you can find two exceptional sites : The workshops of Yvon Cailleau and the ‘Croc’, the only listed historical monument in the village, and it is still working.

Today, following the death of Mr Yvon Cailleau in 1993, Didier Cailleau, impassioned by his craft, strives to maintain the family legacy of quality and tradition for which the company is renowned for more than 30 years now, and to respond to the increasingly demanding customer requirements.

Découpe de carreaux aux terres cuites cailleau

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