Yvon Cailleau Workshop

Cuisson au feu de bois terres cuites cailleau

For our traditional terracotta, we have chosen to preserve historical production methods.

The clay is taken from Anjou quarries then dried naturally in our drying barns. It is then placed in our natural wood-fired kilns.

Our traditional terracotta tiles, with their shimmering colours, are recognised worldwide for their beauty and their quality, from modest houses to prestigious chateaux.

You too, can chose authentic, traditional terracotta tiles fired in our 18th century wood-fired kilns.


The Yvon Cailleau and Le Croc workshops, having inherited time-honoured skills, continue to make all of their terracotta with absolute respect for tradition.

Our kilns date from 1758 – 1782 – 1836. The firing is done solely with wood, the choice of which is determined by the desired tile colour. This guarantees the durability of our authentic Yvon Cailleau Les Rairies tiles..

To preserve this unique Knowledge, the label “Entreprises du Patrimoine Vivant” (Living Heritage Companies) was awarded to the workshops by the state in 2006.

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