Le Croc Workshop

The Croc Workshop in use since 1836

Symbol of the past, tool of the present. The site has been listed as an Historical Monument since 1995…

Terres-Cuites-Yvon-Cailleau-Atelier-le-crocIts name comes from the tool used to tie the bundles of wood used in the firing process.

The Croc brickyard is the only listed site in the commune and it symbolises the village’s rich history of small brickyards, which brought life to Les Rairies. The Croc brickyard preserves the authentic, traditional production of hand made terracotta tiles in its 18th century kilns and drying barns.

Before the Cailleau family became the owners in 1991, the two large barns and the two kilns were in a sorry state. The restoration project had two aims: to save the architecture of this small, traditional factory and to bring it back to life. Restarting production of terracotta tiles using traditional methods could then be envisaged because the know-how, tools and machines had not been lost. It was an audacious challenge, even ambitious, but it was a success. The owners’ crowning achievement was the recognition of the brickyard as an Historic Monument in 1995. The Croc is open to the public.

In effect, because of the efforts of all those involved, this traditional company has saved from ruin one of the oldest brickyards in the village of Les Rairies. A number of skills, tools and techniques used in the traditional manufacture of tiles by hand have also been saved.

Atelier Le Croc - Fours

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